Cosy hi-tech flats,
Outfitted With Ideal Work Spaces

Bright And Functional
work and relaxation spaces

DOMIDEA APARTMENTS SMART HOME & WORK flats allow you to spend your stay in comfortable, relaxing environments, featuring spaces specifically designed for relaxation and for smart working or e-learning, thanks to their latest generation technological equipment.

Large windows in each flat, which connect to a balcony or terrace furnished with table and chairs, illuminate the interior, enhancing their warmth and elegance.

Each flat is fully furnished and features a kitchenette, a private bathroom with a crystal shower stall, air conditioning, and heat-pump underfloor heating with independent temperature regulation.

Also featured in all our studio and one-bedroom flats are spaces equipped with a washing machine and drying rack, plus a Welcome Kit consisting of all necessary room cleaning products, as well as a bathroom Courtesy Kit. At each weekly cleaning, the Welcome Kit is replenished.

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